Endless Realms And Nostalgic Gods

by Erang

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Hedensk Hjerte
Hedensk Hjerte thumbnail
Hedensk Hjerte The description of the album and name of some songs reminds me of Dead Man with Johnny Depp - actually the train scene is quite obvious. Even though if there wouldn't be any "plot" to this album I would definitely love it - from all the ERANG's previous work this one is most mature and best composed. Thanks for such good music. Favorite track: Endless Realms And Nostalgic Gods (full album seamless mix).
Fallacious Otter
Fallacious Otter thumbnail
Fallacious Otter Makes all the Ages after the fall disappear. Favorite track: The Drunken Marshal.
1337wh thumbnail
1337wh Western Spaghetti Synth is real. Favorite track: I Dreamt of an Emerald Meadow.
Spoonbräu thumbnail
Spoonbräu ERANG is doing a lot of great stuff around here but this record seems to means something to me. I don't know what but it reminds me some memories and this is a grand achievement for an artist. Favorite track: The Dark Totem.
MAUSOLEI thumbnail
MAUSOLEI Erang is inspiring because of his ability to transcend times, worlds and themes effortlessly. The same unique charm that caught my attention 5 years ago is still present, and very much alive. This album is a masterpiece. Bravo! Favorite track: Another Town, Another Tribe.
Bruno Hunger
Bruno Hunger thumbnail
Bruno Hunger Even telling about those newer times (not my world - I love old school middle ages fantasy instead) - it is still Erang and it sounds fantastic! I can't describe what it means to me. Thanks again for such a wonderful album. Keep on! Favorite track: Another Town, Another Tribe.


" 1882, the brand new town of Foxall... Coming from New Orleans, the young William Leroy suddenly wakes up on his seat as the train whistle blows. Instinctively, he presses against him his old leather bag, knowing what lies inside: a small book without age... the one and only copy of the Tome II... here, it will be safe... "

This concept album tells the journey of a young William Leroy, hunted by the Drunken Marshal from the dusty plains of Foxall to the emerald meadow where the last Giant Buffalo roam and, far beyond, to the lands of the mysterious tribe of the Dark Totem... through the shamanic magic of the thirteen runes of Kolm he will meet the child of thunder and listen to the voice of the wind, thereby opening again the great gate to Another World, Another Time!...

~ Imagination Never Fails! ~
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released May 2, 2018

© Erang. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Erang France

I make Dungeon Synth and Medieval Fantasy Music, mostly inspired by my own nostalgia about places, people and events of my past, forever lost…

My music is very intimate, mostly influenced by books (the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, the Silmarillion), old fantasy movies (Willow, Conan, Dark Crystal,etc.) and role-playing games from my childhood (tabletop & video games : Zelda, Secret Of Mana, etc.).
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