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by Erang

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CoughCool Erang just continues to push his own envelope... I repurchased the whole discography, again. & honestly I would do it again and again if he continues to release solid album after solid album...
I love the black metal touches so much. Thank you Erang
evanvinc thumbnail
evanvinc Some of Erang’s most beautiful works are in this collection. My personal favorite records in the collection are “Season of Frost” and “Season of Leaves”. The raw black metal tracks were an unexpected but pleasant surprise. All in all, it’s a wonderful display of Erang’s passion for all eras and influences of dungeon synth. Favorite track: Into The Stone Giant Eyes.
Caleb Kicklighter
Caleb Kicklighter thumbnail
Caleb Kicklighter The Five Seasons that Erang has created for us will be extremely hard to top as the best dungeon synth release(s) I've heard this year due to the heart and soul I feel radiating throughout. "A Season Of Frost" is as pure dungeon synth as it gets, with icy cold majesty and atmosphere as well as including an excellent raw black metal track. Do not sleep on this! Favorite track: At the Gates Of Lobrok.
Evergreen thumbnail
Evergreen I suppose I will contain my review of all of the albums here. These five albums document a deep love and passion for this genre and its various boundaries in an absolutely astounding way. An eclectic mix of music, this heart wrenching collection of work is truly magical. I believe I have only slightly begun to digest this amazing and immaculate journey Erang has taken me on. Hails to Erang forever.
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thedooristheway Five new Erang albums out in one day! What did I do to deserve this blessing?
" un sentiment puissant dans ma gorge est logé... " Dans le ciel embrumé deux soleils sans lumière Au dessous les terrains, sans âge, que le vent délétère Et la neige assoupie, se partagent Des visages me croisent et je ne parle pas J'ai cessé de vouloir aimer l'autre et ses lois Dans ma gorge est serré ce long cri sidéré ces si longs gueulements à la nuit seulement


- PART I - (links to Part II, III, IV & V below)
This pentalogy is my love letter to Dungeon Synth & the world I've created: the Land of the Five Seasons.
Each of the 5 albums explores one of the 5 seasons from the Land and, at the same time, is a tribute to a declination of Dungeon Synth.
A SEASON OF FROST is dedicated to Old School Dungeon Synth & dusty demo tapes from the past.
A SEASON OF LEAVES is dedicated to the Epic & Medieval Atmospheric Black Metal influences from Summoning or Bathory.
A SEASON OF SAND is dedicated to the New Age & meditative World Music aspects of Dungeon Synth.
A SEASON OF BLOOM is dedicated to the idyllic folk melodies & 90's fantasy RPG midi music.
A SEASON OF MAGIC is dedicated to the more experimental, ambient & ethereal chants of Dungeon Synth.
Part II - A SEASON OF LEAVES: erang.bandcamp.com/album/a-season-of-leaves
Part III - A SEASON OF SAND: erang.bandcamp.com/album/a-season-of-sand
Part IV - A SEASON OF BLOOM: erang.bandcamp.com/album/a-season-of-bloom
Part V - A SEASON OF MAGIC: erang.bandcamp.com/album/a-season-of-magic

'The Land of the Five Seasons. An old continent. Lost on an ocean far older, it was the home of several peoples and Kingdoms during the First Ages.
Five Seasons were endlessly flowing at the same time, in different parts of this ancient Land.

North, an eternal winter surrounded the Crystal Mountains and the frozen plains of Lobrok.

South, a relentless summer was perpetually burning the sand, from the Kingdom of Amang to the Town of Tadyar and the Ruby hills.

Southwest, not too far, a mild autumn was eternally coloring the enchanted Woods of Mayoo.

East, all of the Foxol Kingdom and the Emerald Forest were forever under the light of a beautiful spring. In the heart of the land, the everlasting Kingdom of Erang was standing at the crossroads of all these four seasons.

Finally, west, the vast Steppes of Kolem laid under the last and unchanging fifth season... a strange & dreary season... Full of magic and powerful sorcery!'


released March 28, 2022


all rights reserved



Erang France

Pioneer in the revival of Dungeon Synth since 2012, I'm mostly inspired by my own nostalgia about places, people and events of my past, forever lost…

My music is very intimate & influenced by books (the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, the Silmarillion), old fantasy movies (Willow, Conan, Dark Crystal,etc.) and role-playing games from my childhood (tabletop & video games : Zelda, Secret Of Mana, etc.).
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